Tri-State at the Plate Episode #96: The Allan Huber Selig Hall of Fame Episode

Andy and Bob get together to talk about the Hall of Fame election of former Major League Baseball commissioner Allan Huber ‘Bud’ Selig. They discuss the legacy of the man who was in the commissioner’s office during: the 1994 players strike that led to the cancellation of the World Series for only the second time in baseball history, the entirety of an era baseball that is now known as ‘The Steroid Era’, and an All-Star Game tie. He also was responsible for home field advantage during the World Series being awarded to the team that was in the league that won the All-Star Game, so there’s that.

Once the duo finish digging through the highs (and mostly lows) of Selig’s tenure, they dive right into the hot stove talk surrounding Andrew McCutchen, Jung Ho Kang‘s [third!] DUI in Korea, the end of the Jeff Locke era (and ERA) in Pittsburgh, and what the Pirates should be doing during the Winter Meetings. While the Indians’ winter has been a quiet one so far, Bob waxes poetic about what could have been if Matt Holiday had signed with the Indians, wishes upon a star for Edwin Encarnacion to join the Tribe, and then finishes up with a discussion of what could have been with a healthy Michael Brantley in 2016.

Tri-State at the Plate Episode #95: Tinkering Tito and Twenty-Six Man Rosters

On this week’s episode, Andy and Bob lament their long absence from the podcast recording universe before talking about Major League Baseball’s new collective bargaining agreement negotiations and the potential impact of a 26-man roster. Then they unwittingly create an advertisement for the Australian Baseball League and talk about how it can be viewed for free during the cold, winter months leading up to Spring Training. The duo then dig into the 2016 post season that was for the Cleveland Indians and talk about making trades using hindsight. Next, they look towards 2017 and beyond for the Pittsburgh Pirates as it pertains to Andrew McCutchen, the starting rotation, and first base. They talk about the incredibly thin free agent market and wrap up with a fun fact about former Erie SeaWolf and current American League Rookie of the Year, Michael Fulmer.

Tri-State at the Plate Episode #90: Francisco Lindor: The Cuyahoga Crown Jewel

Jason Ruggiero joins Andy Burdick this week as Bob and his wife head to the mighty northeast on a journey of self discovery. In his stead, the two catch up on all things baseball just in time for the All-Star Game. The duo open the podcast discussing their likes and dislikes of the All-Star festivities. Andy then digs into the Pirates recent stretch of play and learns that being mediocre sometimes is good enough. He talks about Pittsburgh’s buying/selling options at the deadline, the success that farmhands Adam Frazier, Josh Bell, Jameson Taillon, Chad Kuhl, and Tyler Glasnow have had in limited time on the Major League roster, and he finishes chatting with Jason about Pittsburgh’s options with Andrew McCutchen and how Austin Meadows affects the franchise. Jason then digs deep into the Tribe’s options for a Game 1 starter of a playoff series, the success of Danny Salazar, the outstanding play of Francisco Lindor, and the 2016 success of Jose Ramirez. The two then finish up the podcast by discussing the Double-A All-Star Game and its Tri-State participants.

Tri-State at the Plate Episode #89: Two Testicular Contusions

Andy and Bob return as a newly minted father and uncle respectively! The pair discuss what it’s like to be a new uncle and father right before discussing Alex Rodriguez’s veiled threat promise, “You haven’t heard the last of me.” The two then discuss all things Cleveland, specifically: injury updates as they pertain to two testicular contusions on the team, the Indians’ undefeated June at home, their record against division rival Detroit, Trevor Bauer’s emergence, Cleveland’s attendance woes and what it means for fanship, and finally, some players’ performances down on the farm. Andy then attempts to tackle talking about the Pirates woeful June, Chad Kuhl puns, Pirates pitching changes, and then broaches a very sensitive subject: Andrew McCutchen’s struggles and the trade rumors swirling around him. The duo then finish by teasing Tri-State of Mind’s very first book club book, ‘The Arm’ by Jeff Passan.

Tri-State at the Plate Episode #75: Chilly Spring Training Talk

It’s freezing in Northwestern Pennsylvania, but things are starting to heat up in Bradenton, Florida and Goodyear, Arizona… because pitchers and catchers have reported and we’re a few days away from Spring Training starting! On this week’s podcast, Andy and Bob discuss the New York Yankees’ new ticket policy, their capitalist agenda, and Lonn Trost’s horrible comments towards Yankee fans. Andy then discusses Andrew McCutchen‘s contract extension talk at length and discusses his role as the Pirates’ Derek Jeter. He also talks about Jung-ho Kang and Major League Baseball’s new slide rule and Monday’s Black and Gold game. Bob then digs into the Tribe’s spring by looking at the recent signing of Craig Stammen and singing the praises of Juan Uribe. He looks at the ever-evolving outfield situation with Abraham Almonte‘s recent steroid suspension and how this affects Tyler Naquin and finishes up with some talk about Indians’ pitching prospect Brady Aiken.

The Pirates Roster and the Postseason

By Chris Bradley

If the season were to end today, the Pittsburgh Pirates would have their second Wildcard berth in as many years. Only caveat being, they currently have a pretty dreadful (subjectively speaking) offense even after putting up 11 runs against the Detroit Tigers the other night. I am a pretty optimistic Pirate fan, unlike numerous other bloggers and tweeps, I try to stay positive in the face of adversity when it comes to my favorite baseball team. My loyalty and patience has been tested twice already this season, but as I said, I tried to stay calm. Continue reading

Andrew McCutchen is Snakebitten

By Andy Burdick

Andrew McCutchen is the reining National League MVP well on his way to earning his second consecutive MVP award.  He is the face of a franchise on the upswing with a roster full of quirky teammates.

Which is why after last night’s game in Arizona, quite a few people around baseball are not very pleased with the Diamondbacks.

Continue reading

The Gregory Polanco Effect on Andrew McCutchen

By Andy Burdick

On the July 11 podcast, Chris Bradley referenced Andrew McCutchen‘s numbers since Gregory Polanco‘s call up, and I think it is important to note the increase in production.  I do not have access to a database that can get detailed information like a Major League front office, but suffice it to say that a number three hitter who has a lead off hitter getting on base with a .374 OBP is probably going to see an increase in offensive production. Continue reading

2014 Pittsburgh Pirates Two Week Home Run Outburst

By Andy Burdick

The Pittsburgh Pirates are off to a much different start this season than the beginning of 2013.  Last April, the Pirates hit a total of 26 home runs as a team. Through the first sixteen games of the season, Pittsburgh has 23 home runs, which is second in all of baseball, only to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  They’re slugging .407, tenth in all of baseball.  So where did Pittsburgh find all of this power over the first two weeks of the season? Continue reading

Andrew McCutchen was at Heinz Field Sunday.

And it was awesome.

Andrew McCutchen Terrible Towel Heinz Field

The cheers were loud for Cutch when he was announced as the pre-game Terrible Towel waver, along with manager Clint Hurdle.

A Pittsburgh Pirates player received cheers that were louder than most of the Steelers players.

Today it sounded like baseball has truly turned the corner in Pittsburgh.