Tri-State at the Plate Episode #82: You Can’t Reverse a Reversal!

On this week’s episode, Andy and Bob lead off by discussing Mark McGwire‘s first day managing due to Padres manager Andy Green losing his mind on a reverse of a reversal of a balk call. Andy then talks about the ups and downs of the early season Pirates, the Pirates amazing on base percentage, the bullpen’s struggles, Andrew McCutchen‘s early season struggles with runners in scoring position, Francisco Cervelli starting at first against lefties, rehabbing Buccos Jung ho Kang and Jared Hughes, and finishes his segment talking about the Pirates throwback uniforms on Sunday home games. Bob then dissects the Indians early season woes, the eventual return of Michael Brantley, Lonnie Chisenhall returning from the DL, and finishes by discussing Carlos Santana leading off. The two then have a SeaWolves shout out, taking a look at where the Wolves currently stand in the Eastern League.

Game 4: Marte Unlocks Achievement

The Pirates played like a wet noodle last night, but that may be because the weather was not really stellar. Being in that close of proximity of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, misery generally reigns. But then…when it seemed like the unattainable mark of 162-0 was in jeopardy, something happened that hasn’t happened in 1940 Plate Appearances. Continue reading

Tri-State at the Plate Episode #81: No Trevor Story Puns This Episdoe

Even with Colorado Rockies’ short stop Trevor Story off to an hi-Story-ic start, we refuse to jump on the bandwagon of Trevor Story puns.

Instead, on this week’s episode, Andy, Bob, and Jason get back together for the first time in ages to talk baseball. The open this week’s show by discussing the new slide rule and the potential psychological ramifications of it being referred to as ‘The Chase Utley Rule’. Andy then talks about Gregory Polanco‘s new deal, a new sabermetric Bucs lineup, all the other pitchers giving up because Juan Nicasio is going to win the Cy Young Award, and finishes his portion of the podcast by talking about Ray Searage‘s contract in Pittsburgh. Bob and Jason then dive into the Indians with talk of, but not limited to: Opening Day being cold, Jose Ramirez‘s defense, Carlos Santana‘s walk rate, and former top prospect Jeremy Sowers now as a front office employee with an MBA from the University of North Carolina. The gang finishes with a SeaWolves shout out that features their enjoyment of watching former Erie SeaWolf Steven Moya hitting baseballs.
There might be an awkward pause at the beginning as the three podcasters learn to work together again, but the trio pulls it together for one of the best episodes of the year.

Game 2 Thoughts: Polanco is a Gazelle

By Chris Bradley

I am, and always will be, pessimistic when it comes to my favorite baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates. This doesn’t mean I can’t get excited when they win an extra innings affair with the hated St. Louis Cardinals on a Jordy Mercer walk-off single. That’s just how they drew it up. Continue reading

Some Thoughts on Opening Day

By Chris Bradley

With the Pirates on pace to go 162-0, I’d like to take this time to discuss some of my unsolicited thoughts on Opening Day 2016.

I’ll admit it, I am extremely skeptical of what Neal Huntington and Co. are attempting to do with John Jaso and David Freese getting every day starting jobs at key positions, but before I get into that, let’s sit back and enjoy Francisco Liriano carving up some Cardinals. Continue reading

TSM Baseball 2016 Preseason Award Predictions: Staff Edition

By TSM Staff

What is everyone’s favorite pastime? Prognosticating, of course!

There’s nothing the average baseball fan enjoys doing more than looking his fellow fans right in the eye and saying, ‘I told you so!’ We’re no different here at Tri-State of Mind Baseball. We put our pants on one leg at a time and enjoy predicting how the season is going to unfold before it happens.

So sit back, take a load off, and look at your potential award winners for the 2016 baseball season! Continue reading

Tri-State at the Plate Episode #80: Hypothetical Tags

On this week’s episode, Andy and Jason discuss the merits of Major League Baseball changing the rules of tagging runners out; the laces on your mitts are now excluded from the tag. Once their heated debate cools, Andy discusses the end of the Pirates’ spring, including, but not limited to: Juan Nicasio nailing down the fifth starter spot and whether to be optimistically optimistic or cautiously optimistic, the Pirates’ bullpen construction, and how the Pirates’ roster is going to cut down from 30 men to 25 before Sunday. Jason then transitions flawlessly into talking about Trevor Bauer‘s career and how it’s led him to the bullpen. He also talks about Tyler Naquin in center field, Michael Brantley and Lonnie Chisenhall on the disabled list, and he finishes up with discussing Paul Dolan’s recent interview in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The gang finishes with a SeaWolves Shoutout, taking a look at when the Tri-State teams are coming to town as well as waxing poetic about Minor League Baseball.

This week’s episode isn’t brought to you by North Country Brewing’s Uncle Ray’s Bucco Blonde Ale, but we wouldn’t be opposed if it was.