Jung Ho Kang’s Bat is Heating Up

By Andy Burdick

At the beginning of the season, I had my doubts about Pirates’ infielder Jung Ho Kang and his ability to adjust to Major League pitching after watching some of his early season at bats. Kang’s swing is unconventional when compared with the average Major League hitter and I find it incredibly unsettling aesthetically: a high leg kick sometimes; a small leg kick others.  It’s a bias that I remember having as far back as the first times I saw Ichiro Suzuki and Craig Counsell swing their bats.

On the first hit of his career, you can see Kang abandoning the leg kick to shorten up his swing with a 1-2 count. Continue reading

Tri-State at the Plate #70: The 2015 Trade Deadline That Was

The 2015 trade deadline has come and gone so you get an hour and twenty minutes of podcast goodness today, but before Jason and Andy discuss things with the Tribe, they first discuss an appropriate age to bring your child to a baseball game. Once they finish with that discussion at the 12:45 mark, they then dive into the Cleveland Indians. Jason gives his thoughts on the Brandon Moss trade, the Carlos Carassco trade that never was, Jason Kipnis and leadership in the Indians’ clubhouse, and Andy waxes poetic about Francisco Lindor‘s recent production at the plate.  Then around the 44:00 minute mark, Andy and Chris Bradley dig into the Pirates’ trade deadline: they first hit on the Aramis Ramirez homecoming, Joe Blanton and the least sexy trade ever and the rest of the Pirates trades before finishing up talking about A.J. Burnett‘s elbow (or what’s left of it) and Jung Ho Kang’s hot streak the last month. Andy then finishes with a quick SeaWolves shout out and talks about going to meet former Pirates manager Jim Leyland this week!