The Pittsburgh Pirates 2014 Offseason

By Andy Burdick

The Pittsburgh Pirates had another strong showing in the National League Central in 2014, falling short of a World Series berth by a few rounds, but finishing with a winning record for the second consecutive season.  For a team that finished twenty consecutive seasons with a losing record, these past few seasons have been undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

In this article I look to examine some of the more important moves that the Pirates have made this off season that could change the trajectory of the 2015 season. Continue reading

Tri-State at the Plate Episode #61: Brandon Moss or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Trade Rumors

On this week’s podcast, Andy comes up with his favorite title yet before he and Jason open with a discussion of the Supreme Leader of the Atlanta Braves, John Hart, and his plan for the franchise.  Jason then aggressively dissects the trade rumors swirling around Cleveland, particularly as they pertain to Oakland Athletics outfielder Brandon Moss, but also throws some other interesting names out there that have been circulating the Twitter-verse.  He talks plenty of prospect value and which of the batch of Cleveland Indian middle infielders he would feel comfortable departing with.  Andy then discusses his complex feelings towards Russell Martin signing with the Blue Jays, the catching conundrum in Pittsburgh, the Pirates’ first base situation going forward, and pours one out for his homie, Clint Barmes.  The duo conclude the podcast by answering some Tweetmails about free agents from their good friend Dan in Buffalo.

Pittsburgh Pirates Free Agent Target: Kris Medlen

By Andy Burdick

As a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, I have grown averse to risk as it pertains to players’ contracts.  For example, I’d rather pay $8.5 million dollars for one year of A.J. Burnett than $13 million dollars a year for three years of Francisco Liriano.

Spending money on pitchers is always a roll of the dice.  The Detroit Tigers probably didn’t expect their newest, highest paid ace Justin Verlander to throw 206 innings with a 4.54 ERA last season.

That being said, no team has mastered how to fill five rotation spots with amazing starters, so most teams are going to have to spend money on free agent arms in one fashion or another.  And Pittsburgh is no different. Continue reading