Tri-State at the Plate Episode #51: The Michael Brantley Captcha Conundrum

This week Andy and Jason discuss ghosts before they talk about the lack of respect for Cleveland Indians players on the 2014 All-Star ballot. Then Jason recaps the usual reasons for the Indians struggles including dreadful defense and offensive offense before touching on the amateur draft. Andy raps poetically about Phil Irwin, a.k.a. “Filthy Phil”, departure from Pittsburgh before he laments the coming four-game series with the Dodgers. The duo discusses Memorial Day baseball in Erie and the promotion of Eugenio Saurez to Toledo before finishing with a breathtaking new segment entitled “Step on the Scale”.

Pittsburgh Pirates Designate Wandy Rodriguez

By Andy Burdick

Wandy Rodriguez Pitcher Pittsburgh Pirates DFA

Wandy Rodriguez’s career in Pittsburgh was short, but pointless.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have designated left handed pitcher Wandy Rodriguez for assignment.  This probably doesn’t come as shocking news to most people who have seen Wandy Rodriguez attempt to throw a baseball in the direction of home plate in the last few seasons.  This move immediately removes Rodriguez from the Pirates 40-man roster, making way for Russell Martin‘s return from the disabled list, and gives Pittsburgh ten days to either trade him, release him, or, if he clears outright waivers, assign him to a minor league roster. Continue reading

Tri-State at the Plate Episode #50: Guerrero Gives Olivo an Earful

This week Andy and Jason discuss Miguel Olivo’s ear-biting issues with Dodgers super-prospect Alex Guerrero. Andy then discusses at length the woeful start to Pittsburgh’s season but excitedly awaits Gregory Polanco’s promotion. Then Jason covers the Indians recent aversion from disaster and reviews the flurry of roster moves happening in Cleveland. The gang wraps up with Tweetmails and geographic accuracies.

WPIAL Prospect Making Moves!

By Bob Finkbeiner

As a part time contributor to Tri-State of Mind Baseball, I always feel the weight of wanting to write more for our site.  It’s the perfect platform to write for various interests and to recognize baseball in our local area.

As things would have it, I missed out on my friend and fellow writer Andrew Burdick’s home owner’s party.  I do have a gift for you just so you know buddy!!!  However, what occurred afterward was something special that we can bring to our followers.

Photo Courtesy of Bob Finkbeiner

Photo Courtesy of Bob Finkbeiner

As a high school baseball coach, I tend to follow much of the local competition even if it is out of our range.  We had a very disappointing season but nonetheless I’ve been following a pitcher from Blackhawk High School, Brendan Mckay, a senior left handed pitcher.

Over the winter McKay had much success pitching against the majors best prospects and at this point appears likely to become the next WPIAL star to be drafted in the June amateur MLB draft.

He currently has a full offer to Louisville but very well could be drafted within the first 5 rounds of the June draft.

By all accounts, his selection would not be a surprise to this author who saw him extend his scoreless innings streak to 65 innings after a complete game, 2 hitter, 2 walk, 16 strikeout performance against Indiana in the WPIAL playoffs.  He currently holds the nation’s third longest scoreless innings streak in high school baseball!!!

Despite the cold, McKay sat between 89-92 mph throughout 45 degree temperatures.  He has a smooth delivery and commands his fastball, curveball, and changeup for strikes despite the count.

He appears every bit deserving of a high round draft choice come this June!

Noise on the North Coast – May 19

By Jason Ruggiero

Noise on the North Coast

It’s been a long week along the North Coast. Sure there are lots of Johnny Manziel jersey’s being sold but while you can debate Johnny Football’s potential impact on the Browns he isn’t going to provide much for the Indians. With the obligatory Manziel reference/joke out of the way, let’s check out all the Noise on the North Coast.

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Tri-State at the Plate Episode #49: The Gallant Sir Buck Knight Arrives

This week Jason and Andy open talking about the inflamed right knee of C.C. Sabathia. Andy laments Starling Marte’s tight back, Andrew McCutchen’s sore left foot and Pedro Alvarez’s woeful batting average. Jason discusses the Indians starting rotation, Yan Gomes’ defensive struggles and Carlos Santana’s tremendous on-base percentage. The gang finishes up with a  discussion of compound word etiquette and the newest mascot of the Erie SeaWolves, Sir Buck Knight.

Noise on the North Coast – May 12

By Jason Ruggiero

Noise on the North Coast

All across the North Coast spring is starting to . . . spring and it’s no surprise that as the weather is starting to heat up so are some of the Indians hitters. It certainly was a busy week in Cleveland so let’s cut the chatter and get right to all the Noise on the North Coast.

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The Great Podcast Purge of 2014

By Chris Bradley

Tri-State at the Plate Logo Updated

Still available at an iTunes near you.

Many of our readers probably heard something about Apple removing several fan-related podcasts from ITunes in the name of copyright infringement and what not.  I am happy to inform all of you that Tri-State at the Plate survived the onslaught.  This is probably due to the fact that the podcast logo and the name of this particular website doesn’t come close to infringing on the MLB’s intellectual property. (It might however infringe on Billy Joel and his record label, or alternatively NAS, Jay-Z, and whomever originally coined the idiot phrase “New York State of Mind”). Good news, parody is protected speech. Continue reading

Cleveland Indians – 5 Up, 5 Down

By Jason Ruggiero

5 Up 5 Down

Right now in the Indians farm system there are a lot of prospects off to a good start in 2014. Unfortunately we try to provide a balanced viewpoint here at TSM Baseball so if you want to find out who’s hot and who’s not in the Indians farm system read on.

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The Gregory Polanco Contract Extension Offer

By Andy Burdick and Chris Bradley

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been busy trying to lock up one of the best prospects in baseball to a long-term deal.  Tonight, Chris Bradley and Andy Burdick discuss the recent happenings in Pittsburgh in length and documented their discussion via e-mail. The e-mails were then lightly edited and transcribed into the beautiful discussion you see before you.

Come join in our merriment, as we discuss the intricate workings of professional baseball. Continue reading