Tri-State At the Plate Episode #27: That Batter In the Window

Join Andy and Jason this week on Tri-State From the Plate as they discuss the going rate for proven hitters in light of the Pirates recent trade for Marlon Byrd and the Indians acquisition of Jason Kubel. Plus Andy talks about the Pirates recent pitching woes, while Jason discusses the Indians pitiful offense in August. Dr. Garrett calls in from Walter Reed Medical Center to fill us in on all the medical news as well as his frustration with the Pirates handling of Starling Marte.


Marlon Byrd and John Buck are your newest Pittsburgh Pirates.

By Andy Burdick

Marlon Byrd and John Buck are packing their bags for Pittsburgh on Marlon Byrd t-shirt night in New York.  Minor League infielder Dilson Herrera and one prospect general manager Neal Huntington said would make Pirates fans say ouch are headed to the New York farm system.

Discussion follows.

Francisco Liriano’s Rocky Start at San Francisco

By Andy Burdick

Francisco Liriano had a less-than-stellar start in San Francisco tonight.  He racked up 102 pitches in his four innings of work.  Control issues are nothing new for Liriano.  In 2011 and 2012 he walked an average of 5 batter per 9.  However, going into tonight’s start he had cut his BB/9 to 3.5.

Tonight Liriano’s control dogged him for all four of his innings as he threw fastballs and sliders all over the strike zone.  He surrendered 9 hits and 2 walks and it was apparent from the first inning that Saturday night was not going to be a magical Liriano start that Pirates fans had become accustomed to in 2013. Continue reading

Game Recap: Akron Aeros @ Erie SeaWolves – August 21, 2013

By Andy Burdick and Jason Ruggiero

Akron Aeros Erie SeaWolves Logos

Finally putting schedules, work, vacations, and county fairs aside, Jason and Andy attended the Akron Aeros – Erie SeaWolves finale last night.

A Lindor-less lineup couldn’t put a damper on the Aeros as they thumped the SeaWolves 5-1 Wednesday night in Erie.  There was plenty to watch at the Uht, even without Lindor in the lineup, however.  Andy continued crushing on his Erie catchers James McCann (who had an awful day behind the plate) and Ramon Cabrera, while Jason got to see Tyler Naquin, Ronny Rodriguez, Jose Ramirez and his new favorite right arm Trey Haley.  The Aeros must have known Jason was in the park as they made some spectacular defensive plays and put some runs on the board.

So click below the jump to see the first half of the tag-team recap of the season.

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Tri-State at the Plate Episode #26: A Big Slice of Felix Pie

Things get a little wild when Jason and Andy discuss instant replay. However, once they get themselves back on track they discuss Danny Salazar’s innings limit, Michael Brantley’s defense and Nick Swisher’s contract. Andy makes amends with Jason for ignoring Stetson Allie, asks whether Francisco Liriano should be considered a Cy Young candidate and comes to terms with being comfortably numb with Felix Pie. The dynamic duo finishes up this week’s podcast by discussing the Altoona Curve and Akron Aeros coming to Erie to play the SeaWolves.


Game Recap: Akron Aeros @ Erie SeaWolves – August 20, 2013

By Andy Burdick

Akron Aeros Erie SeaWolves LogosThe Erie SeaWolves downed the Akron Aeros Wednesday night 6-5 in what was a wildly fun offensive game.

Since Ramon Cabrera has returned to Erie, I’ve noticed a distinct change in his swing.  As I mentioned in the previous post when Altoona was in town, Cabrera seems to have a much more quiet, controlled swing than at the beginning of the year. Continue reading

Game Recap: Altoona Curve @ Erie SeaWolves – August 18, 2013

By Andy Burdick

The Erie SeaWolves and Altoona Curve finished up a four game series Sunday (Saturday was a double header finishing up a game from earlier in the season).  The Wolves downed the Curve 3-1, despite the fact that Curve starter Casey Sadler had a no-hitter through 5.1 innings.

Erie SeaWolves - Altoona Curve Logos

In atypical fashion, I spent more time watching the Altoona Curve as their lineup featured standout prospects Alen Hanson (SS) and Gregory Polanco (CF) as well as top 20 prospect Alex Dickerson (RF).  Players like Adalberto Santos (3B) and Jarek Cunningham (2B) have put themselves on the radar in 2013 and were also in the lineup for the Curve today. Continue reading

Should the Pittsburgh Pirates Extend Starling Marte?

By Andy Burdick

Starling Marte Pittsburgh Pirates Left Fielder 2013

Does it make sense for Pittsburgh to buy out Starling Marte’s arbitration years and beyond?

I previously discussed whether or not Pittsburgh should look to sign slugging third baseman Pedro Alvarez to a contract extension.  Now I’m going to discuss whether I believe it makes sense to pursue a pre-arbitration eligible contract extension for speedy outfielder Starling Marte.

While there’s been no reporting that Pittsburgh is currently looking to extend Marte, I believe it would make good fiscal sense for the Pirates to pursue a pre-arbitration contract extension with him.  While Marte has a skill set that could prove somewhat risky (his value is tied heavily into his speed and defense), I believe that he could prove to be a bargain if Pittsburgh is paying attention to the market and what it says about young players and controllability. Continue reading

2013 Pittsburgh Pirates Will Set Second Highest Season Attendance Record

By Andy Burdick

PNC Park Opening Day 2013 Chicago Cubs @ Pittsburgh PiratesIn 2001, PNC Park’s inaugural year, the Pittsburgh Pirates set the all-time single season attendance record for the Pirates at 2.436 million fans.  Recently, team spokesman Brian Warecki stated, ‘While it is not possible at this point to surpass the 2001 record attendance of 2.436 million, with the continued strong support from our fans, we have an opportunity to approach 2.25 to 2.3 million this season with our sights on topping the record in 2014.’ Continue reading

Tri-State at the Plate Episode #25: Thanks For Contributing

On this week’s episode Dr. Garrett takes a break from saving lives to discuss Corey Kluber’s finger sprain and Starling Marte’s wrist. Andy avoids Stetson Allie yet again this week but instead chooses to talk about moving forward after an awful series against the Car-Go-less Rockies. Then Jason finally contributes to his portion of the podcast by discussing how much value Chris Perez and Asdrubal Cabrera don’t have this offseason. Finally, the guys look forward to the upcoming SeaWolves series against Altoona and Akron.