Tri-State at the Plate Episode #96: The Allan Huber Selig Hall of Fame Episode

Andy and Bob get together to talk about the Hall of Fame election of former Major League Baseball commissioner Allan Huber ‘Bud’ Selig. They discuss the legacy of the man who was in the commissioner’s office during: the 1994 players strike that led to the cancellation of the World Series for only the second time in baseball history, the entirety of an era baseball that is now known as ‘The Steroid Era’, and an All-Star Game tie. He also was responsible for home field advantage during the World Series being awarded to the team that was in the league that won the All-Star Game, so there’s that.

Once the duo finish digging through the highs (and mostly lows) of Selig’s tenure, they dive right into the hot stove talk surrounding Andrew McCutchen, Jung Ho Kang‘s [third!] DUI in Korea, the end of the Jeff Locke era (and ERA) in Pittsburgh, and what the Pirates should be doing during the Winter Meetings. While the Indians’ winter has been a quiet one so far, Bob waxes poetic about what could have been if Matt Holiday had signed with the Indians, wishes upon a star for Edwin Encarnacion to join the Tribe, and then finishes up with a discussion of what could have been with a healthy Michael Brantley in 2016.

Tri-State at the Plate Episode #95: Tinkering Tito and Twenty-Six Man Rosters

On this week’s episode, Andy and Bob lament their long absence from the podcast recording universe before talking about Major League Baseball’s new collective bargaining agreement negotiations and the potential impact of a 26-man roster. Then they unwittingly create an advertisement for the Australian Baseball League and talk about how it can be viewed for free during the cold, winter months leading up to Spring Training. The duo then dig into the 2016 post season that was for the Cleveland Indians and talk about making trades using hindsight. Next, they look towards 2017 and beyond for the Pittsburgh Pirates as it pertains to Andrew McCutchen, the starting rotation, and first base. They talk about the incredibly thin free agent market and wrap up with a fun fact about former Erie SeaWolf and current American League Rookie of the Year, Michael Fulmer.

Tri-State at the Plate Episode #86: The Only Thing Max Scherzer and Cody Anderson Have In Common

On this week’s episode Andy and Bob lead off with a discussion that answers the question: What is the only thing that Max Scherzer and Cody Anderson have in common? After that, Andy leads the discussion of Francisco Cervelli‘s surprising contract extension and what that means for the pecking order of catchers in Pittsburgh. He talks about two distinctly different series with the Reds and Cubs, before he waxes poetic about Pirates pitching prospects Tyler Glasnow and Jameson Taillon. Bob then addresses the Indians’ outfield as it pertains to the health of Michael Brantley‘s shoulder, he talks about Dan in Buffalo’s favorite prospect Mike Clevinger making his first start tomorrow, the health of Carlos Carrasco‘s hamstring, and finishes with talk of surprising Trevor Bauer stats and the importance of Cleveland sports fans to remain optimistic. The duo wrap up the show with a SeaWolves shout out that looks at the upcoming schedule, the Akron RubberDucks, Dean Green destroying baseball’s for the Wolves, and JaCoby Jones returning to the SeaWolves’ lineup.

Tri-State at the Plate Episode #81: No Trevor Story Puns This Episdoe

Even with Colorado Rockies’ short stop Trevor Story off to an hi-Story-ic start, we refuse to jump on the bandwagon of Trevor Story puns.

Instead, on this week’s episode, Andy, Bob, and Jason get back together for the first time in ages to talk baseball. The open this week’s show by discussing the new slide rule and the potential psychological ramifications of it being referred to as ‘The Chase Utley Rule’. Andy then talks about Gregory Polanco‘s new deal, a new sabermetric Bucs lineup, all the other pitchers giving up because Juan Nicasio is going to win the Cy Young Award, and finishes his portion of the podcast by talking about Ray Searage‘s contract in Pittsburgh. Bob and Jason then dive into the Indians with talk of, but not limited to: Opening Day being cold, Jose Ramirez‘s defense, Carlos Santana‘s walk rate, and former top prospect Jeremy Sowers now as a front office employee with an MBA from the University of North Carolina. The gang finishes with a SeaWolves shout out that features their enjoyment of watching former Erie SeaWolf Steven Moya hitting baseballs.
There might be an awkward pause at the beginning as the three podcasters learn to work together again, but the trio pulls it together for one of the best episodes of the year.

TSM Baseball 2016 Preseason Award Predictions: Staff Edition

By TSM Staff

What is everyone’s favorite pastime? Prognosticating, of course!

There’s nothing the average baseball fan enjoys doing more than looking his fellow fans right in the eye and saying, ‘I told you so!’ We’re no different here at Tri-State of Mind Baseball. We put our pants on one leg at a time and enjoy predicting how the season is going to unfold before it happens.

So sit back, take a load off, and look at your potential award winners for the 2016 baseball season! Continue reading

Tri-State at the Plate Episode #72: Bouncing Baby Boys and Baseball

Andy kicks off today’s podcast by announcing he and his wife are expecting a boy, who is sure to be left handed due to exceptional parenting. Then Andy and Jason discuss Rob Manfred announcing the heretical news that the DH may be coming to the National League. Andy then talks about the Pirates news – specifically Antonio Bastardo spurning the Buccos, the Pirates avoiding arbitration, signing Neftali Feliz, waxing poetic about Daniel Bard and Ray Searage Witchcraft, and Gregory Polanco contract talks. Jason then dives into the Indians’ offseason – specifically Mike Napoli, the Indians’ infield defense, their strength in pitching, and what the club does without Michael Brantley to start the year. This episode isn’t sponsored by North Country Brewing’s Uncle Ray Searage’s Bucco Blonde Ale… but it should be.

TSM Baseball 2015 Preseason Award Predictions: Staff Edition

By TSM Staff

Tri-State of Mind Crystal Ball

Take a look at our staff predictions!

While we may not be professional scouts or analysts here at Tri-State of Mind Baseball, the staff does watch quite a bit of Major League Baseball’s product. This is most evident during our annual preseason predictions, where our staff’s inevitable biases are exposed, but so is our knowledge of baseball as a whole.

While everyone’s predictions have whiffs, there were also some very fortuitous picks in last year’s article as well. Andy Burdick had Jose Abreu pegged as his AL Rookie of the Year, Jason Ruggiero was off by two wins for both Pittsburgh and Cleveland, and Chris Bradley nailed Cleveland’s record on the nose.

This year, we look forward to letting our Bias Flags fly high as we take a look at the season-to-come in 2015 at Tri-State of Mind Baseball! Continue reading

Tri-State at the Plate Episode #67: Rob Manfred Makes the Tough Decisions

Opening Day is almost here and we have a jam-packed episode for everyone today! While everyone eagerly awaits for Sunday night, Rob Manfred is fretting in his office about just how fans will be able to watch baseball this year, which is right where Andy and Jason start off their discussion: ending blackouts for in-market teams.  After that, Andy hits the talking points for the Pirates with recent injury news, the trading for Hunter Morris, Pedro Alvarez‘s success at first base and Jung-ho Kang’s struggles at the plate.  He also talks about the fifth starter battle ending, with Jeff Locke victorious, keys to the Pirates success in 2015, and finishes up with a Minor League rundown of the Pirates organization.  Jason then talks about the injury news for the Tribe, Danny Salazar‘s assignment to the minors, Zach McAllister‘s assignment in the rotation, and Roberto’s Perez’s contributions to the 2015 Tribe.  Andy and then Jason talk about the awesome fan experiences you should be having at Progressive Field (which we still refer to as ‘The Jake’). The duo finishes up the podcast with a SeaWolves Shout Out, highlighting some Wovles news and former Erie SeaWolf, now Detroit catcher, James McCann.

Tri-State at the Plate Episode #66: SeaWolves General Manager Greg Coleman Talks Erie Baseball

Andy traveled far and wide to find the brains behind the baseball operations for the Erie SeaWolves.  In the end, SeaWolves General Manager Greg Coleman ended up being in his office at the corner of 10th and Holland in downtown Erie, Pennsylvania for today’s interview.  Andy had a chance ask about what makes a Minor League team tick, ranging from wacky and fun promotions in the upcoming season, to ticket packages, as well as how the team interacts with the community.  Greg talks about Andy’s man-crush, Eastern League MVP Steven Moya, before diving into a much heavier topic, which is the economics of Minor League Baseball.

A huge thanks to Greg for taking time out of his busy spring schedule to fit in an interview today!

Tri-State at the Plate Episode #60:

Corey Kluber had an exceptional season.  Everyone agrees.

Corey Kluber had an exceptional season. Everyone agrees.

On this week’s podcast, Andy and Jason analyze the SB Nation Off-Season Simulation and the craziness of letting average fans make moves on a franchise’s behalf. Andy then discusses a busy off-season for the Pittsburgh Pirates, starting with the proactive trade of reliever Justin Wilson for Yankees backstop Francisco Cervelli.  He then discusses Pedro Alvarez‘s transition to first base, the soon-to-be non-tendering of Ike Davis and Jon Heyman’s Tweeting of all things baseball related.  He finishes up by looking at the off-season awards that could have been for the Pirates as well as trades he would love to see happen in Pittsburgh.  Jason then leap frogs into the discussion on behalf of the Tribe, tackling Tribe Town favorites Michael Brantley and the most recent Cy Young winner, Corey Kluber.  He then discusses Yan Gomes‘s phenomenal season, the strength of the starting pitching, the short term upgrades for the Tribe, and finishes by waxing poetic about Francisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez.  The duo conclude this episodically long podcast by answering Dan in Buffalo’s Tweetmail about how much money the Tribe and Buccos should spend this winter.